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Act 218 -

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1   Bioless Game Featuring (Kenji Siratori) 10:29
2   Harpman 8:30
3   Filupoy 10:06
4   Xozpoqorpe 11:38
5   Doyo 10:47
6   Area Keloza 12:01

this normandy project defines its very own universe including distinctive burton-esque graphic works and audio releases in vinyl and cd format. provided with the typical romanic humour and french eccentricity, lingouf alienates those who are into 'exact' terminations and information while contemporaneously intriguing broad-minded audio and visual art gourmets. lingouf's first releases on the french ark-aik label might fit in the hardcore / gabber genre, area keloza can be seen as a manifold mixage between powerful pulsatile industrial, advanced deep tenebrous electronics and circus-like melodies with high recognition value. imagine a comparison with imminent, converter, somatic responses... add a slight intangible obscurity... then you'll get a picture of what lingouf might be - or of what he might not. take a listen, watch lingouf's visuals on his site, submerge into an unknown perspective of industrial arts - be caught and captivated at the same time at the area keloza! a true journey of insanity, with a brightly-coloured grim sense of humor.

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