Illumina-tv CD
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  • Illumina-tv CD

Illumina-tv CD


Ant-zen ACT298

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01 - Bankster
02 - Illumina TV
03 - Jean-René vs les gris
04 - Joyeuse Apocalypse
05 - Mur en tyb-step
06 - Le roi est nu
07 - Basscal
08 - L'aiguille des secondes
09 - Mooos
10 - L'oiseau de feu

Those who follow vincent ingouf's output can be sure that no release is the same as any other, and 'illumina-tv' is no exception to this fact. on this album, the playful mélange of field recordings and experimental electronics on 'terre de pierres' (2012) are complemented with thunderous straight bass drum hits, wobbling basses and accentuated noise. the ten long compositions offer superbly designed arcs of suspense where apparently slow, melodic tunes with carefully selected voice samples lead into the furious technoid outbursts lingouf is known for at his live performances. influences of modern classical music, dubstep, hardcore and industrial were all perfectly integrated to form a unique sound impression which satisfies both the attentive listener and the dancefloor addict. turn on the inner mind's tv set and be illuminated !

Illumina-tv CD act 298
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